Monday, May 2, 2011

The Episodes Page

I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet.
I'm re-organizing the Episodes page, trying to make all the episodes more accessible.I've started on season 1, with removing the broken 4kids videos, adding the Rai names, and adding screens to the episode lists so you have a better idea which episode it is. 
Is there anything else I can do? Suggestions would be great.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Has anyone here heard of Tumblr? It's kind of like a mix of Twitter, Blogger, and Facebook all mixed together, and I've been sort of addicted to it lately. But do you know what I noticed? There are only four Tumblrs dedicated entirely to Winx Club. Only four. Only four. Four, people, four.

So just for fun, I made a Winx-Fairies Tumblr just for myself.     

I know a lot of Winx Club bloggers. Winx Club has been insanely popular on Blogger. Wouldn't it be cool if we had a Winx Club community on Tumblr too? It's just a thought, but if you're into Blogger I do suggest you check it out. Winx-Tumblr revolution, anyone?

How Can We Make Winx-Fairies Better?

I just wanted to hear your opinions! How can we make the site better? Just answer in the comments :D

I'm currently trying to make the Episodes page more accessible and removing all those dead 4kids videos.
Also, I'm thinking of redesigning sometime in the future. Any suggestions?

-Chat box
-Give results of contest
-Make Fanfiction on Fan Creations Page easier to read.
-Fix the fan fictions -.-
-Add Dolls page to page updates
-Bring back the Blog Archive on the News Page
-Update Music Page
-Add Kiku to Characters page
-Move the merchandise from the News page to the merchandise page
-Remove chat feature from Wibiya
-Organize fanfics on Fan Creations page
-Link/Tab for the Forum?
-Allow Anonymous comments on Music Page
-Clean out Episodes Page
-Find a way to put up the English season 4 episodes
-Post the season 4 episodes
-Get new and better FB links
-Winx Club Games (?)
-Images Page
-Page Cleanups
-Get started on the Dolls page
-Add Kiku to Music page
-Add authors to Home Page
-Post the second movie
-Post the second movie on the Episodes Page
-Make a post about the season 4 english episodes
-Adjust comment settings on Dolls Page so everyone can comment