You Know You Love Winx When...

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From Phoebe: (Me ^.^)
-You wish you could rewind time and name your rabbit Kiko
-You have to make a choice, you ask yourself, "What would Bloom do?"
-You've watch the original Italian version, along with countless other languages
-You've watched the Italian version so many times you can sing along to the Enchantix song
-Even your BROTHER knows the lyrics to the Italian Enchantix song
-You have all the best fansites bookmarked
-You have your own fansite!
-You collect Winx Club dolls, even though you're seventeen!
-You have at least ONE pair of fairy wings in your closet
-You have worn these wings to school
-Your iPod is full of Winx Club songs! Darnit!
-You have a secret folder on your computer full of Winx stuff!
-But it's nothing compared to your downloads folder...
-You dream in Winx
-You  know the lyrics to all the songs, and annoy your family to death singing them xD
-You write countless fanfictions, and make millions of fanarts
-You have fan-character
-You've written a fanfiction where you're a fairy at Alfea, although everyone who reads it hates her because she's a Mary-Sue
-You quote it to your friends, and they actually know what you're talking about
-You've made your own custom Winx Club doll out of whatever was available at the time*
-You no longer carve pumpkins, because one might be Mirta!
-You've added the Winx on Facebook
-You've TALKED to the Winx on Facebook!
-You brainwash your little sister into loving the show
-You do such a good job of that that she flips out at the Walmart people for not carrying Winx Club dolls anymore. So proud!
-You've cut your hair so you have one of those twitchy little bits on top like Bloom and Flora! **
-For a project in Shop class, you decide to make a doll house you your dolls have a place to stay!
-Winx Club is you major creative outlet. Fanfictions, fanart, fansites....

*(For me, the doll I made was made out of seashells, sticks, dried out seaweed and glue. Smelled bad, but it was my first Winx doll!)
**(I read that on a YKYLWCW site a year ago and did it... it's barely grown back. Baaaaad idea... DON'T DO THIS!)

From Ella:
-When all of your ringtons are Winx Club Songs
-You start randomly singing a Winx song in Italian and end it in English (has happeded to me too many times to count)
- You get up early on a weeked just so you can watch Winx
-You take a Winx book with you almost anywhere

From Layla n Amentia:

-You want to grow your hair to your knees. (like me hehe)
-You will buy a romper because Stella has one. (Romper= combo shorts and
-You make Winx fanfics and read them to your family
-You make A Barbie Winx show on your cellphone's video camera.
-You make a Winx play
-You design Winx outfits
-You make a Winx tee shirt
-You name your characters in school narratives the Winx's names
-You print out a picture of the Winx and try to find an outfit like it in your
-You go online and make a Winx catalog to buy their outfits!
-You make a Miley Cyrus music video of Winx, even though you hate Miley.
-You sing Winx in the shower
-Your MOM knows the theme song (kind of)
-Your Dad knows their names
-You make a Winx necklace
-You have a Winx cake for your b-day.

From Holly:

- you've been a fan since the very beginning of Winx
- you are determined to collect as many Winx Club dolls as possible (I'm currently at 60)
- you buy numerous shelves on which to display aforementioned dolls
- in collecting these dolls, you're willing to spend ridiculous amounts of time and money on eBay (hehe, guilty)
- you squeal and jump up and down whenever you get new Winx dolls or merchandise...even though you're sixteen
- when you get Winx dolls unexpectedly, you actually CRY tears of joy (this happened to me when I got the complete collection of Denim and Princess Ball Gown dolls for Christmas one year)
- when you decide to write a fan-fiction, it grows from a short story into a series of full-length "novels" (I have 3, going on 4)
- one of your life dreams is to travel Europe (or basically wherever Winx is aired/sold) and blow all your money on Winx Club stuff
- you doodle Winx in school when you should be paying attention to school
- when you find out that your best friend's little sister owns a Winx DVD you don't, you ask your friend to ask their sister if you can borrow it in exchange for your VHS tapes with recorded episodes
- you are ecstatic when you find out that your "Region 1" DVD player successfully plays Region 2 DVDs
- once you find this out, you immediately scour eBay in pursuit of of the Italian DVDs for seasons 1/2 and the German edition of the movie
- when you go on family trips/vacation you make it a mission to stop at every Wal-mart, Zellers, Superstore, Toys"r"Us, Sears, Target, K-mart...and every other store you know that has sold Winx stuff
- when you realize that 4Kids screwed with Winx, you feel cheated and immediately search for the original episodes in whatever language you can
- you watch Winx episodes, movies, and listen to Winx songs, that are in languages you can't understand
- your parents buy you books, CD-ROMS, CDs, etc. that will teach you Italian without you having to ask
- you constantly wish you lived in Europe because you country (cough, cough...Canada) no longer sells Winx
- whenever someone in your family randomly stumbles upon something Winx, they don't ask questions or say anything...they just buy it for you, even though they think that you're too old for it (haha, my grandma found me a Winx computer mouse/webcam just this week)
- you dress up as a Winx character for Halloween and make Winx decorations for your Christmas tree
- when you get Kinder Surprises, you feel sad knowing that because you live in Canada, they'll never have Winx toys in them
- you would spend hours and hours constructing dorm rooms for each of your dolls (this took up half my room when I only had 7 dolls lol) when your sister wouldn't let you borrow her Barbie house

From Cynthia:
-You know all the winx club songs by heart
-You thumtack winx pictures to your bedroom wall 
-You start a winx club fan club   
-You upload winx club videos on you tube   
-For halloween you make a homemade winx club costume    
-You stick winx club stickers everywhere    
-Your user name is winx and your password is club     
-You wish you had a riegon 2 dvd player      
-You order winx club things from Italy     
-You make a doll house for your winx club magical minies    
-Your little sister admires your winx club doll collection      
-Every winx club picture you find on the web you print out    
-Your desktop wallpaper and screensaver are winx                                                                     

From anonymus-
-when spend all the time you're on the computer on winx sites
-when you search every store in your locality for winx stuff till your
legs ache and your mom gets irritated
-you literally hate living in your country because they don't sell
much winx stuff
-you print pics and carry them with you to stores to find matching winx stuff
-you watch vids of stuff people have and earnestly pray to god to have the same
-you hate amazon for the prices of dolls
-you fantasize winx in your dreams
-having winx dolls is your dream
-you write winx stories in your diary,taking up the full space
-you talk about winx the whole day,irritating and getting scoldings
from your family
-you go to every store(even bike ones)to get winx stuff
-you want to live in european countries only to get winx stuff
-you squeal at the faintest hope of going to those    countries
-you  act like mad at getting the smallest winx stuff
-you get so mad at not getting stuff that you try to make them on your
own with printed pics and glue


  1. Sweet and Sour ForeverJuly 14, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    I mostly have done some off those things. Even make lots of wallpapers for my computer and change them everyday. And yeah i start singing a winx song in English and ending up signing in French or Italian.

    1. teana fans go to the bottem of te page

  2. HaHa I have done a lot of those things! It's stupid that they don't sell much winx stuff in Canada now isn't it? I have a few dolls from when I was younger, but all I have is a bloom concert doll, bloom in her season 2 outfit, and stella's winx that is missing a headband! I really want an enchantix and believix of everyone.

  3. Bloom concert doll? When I first read that, I was picturing the rock star doll, but you mean the singsational doll? I have her too! I named her Daphne because my little sister was the first to get a Bloom doll, so she got to name it Bloom. Yeah, we have a different name for all the dolls xD

  4. I'd like to add that all this stuff is even scarier when done at 28.

    Oh, and don't forget - when you actually mutilate some of your clothing, trying to make the outfits the Winx wear! (Cut up a shirt, trying to make it into the shirt that Bloom wears in Season 2) :D

    1. thanks what color?

    2. od milice i adrijane mi volimo tebe winx
      mi volimo vase igrice i vas crtani

  5. oh my gosh i fantisize about me being a fairy and have created my own little world in my head my bro and his friends and my dad get anoyed by my sining and i got on today and havent got on in a while and saw the movie trailer and when the movie comes out and when season 4 comes out and found out there was a season 5 and 6 i was crying for an hour

    1. I read tons of fanfics and do a lot of shipping especially spar shipping. My favor wind couple is bloom x baltor/valtor. I fantasize about wind worlds and etc. My walls have no space left from the pictures and shelf containing my 10 winx dolls. I thought I was the only person who did that.

    2. Stupid auto correct

  6. i do most of those things!!!!

  7. I dont know where to get winxs stuff where I live... CRY :<

  8. i love u winx club.i want to be like u.:D

  9. Layla n Amentia :)August 13, 2010 at 10:43 AM

    I dressed up as Layla in Believix for Halloween. :p

  10. well...i don;t hav a little sister so i brain washed my little brother into loving winx heis only 2 so and cant speak so he goes around singing winx songs with me isnt that funny since he cant speak and sings it in his own baby jibrish!

  11. Replies
    1. if your a tecna fan see bottom of the page

    2. ALL TECNA FANS TO THE BOTTOM OF PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ur page is great....u have put a lot of effort it a great fan of winx...but unfortunately in doesnt cum in T.V these a girl of India...if u have read my comment, plz let me know...thx for this fabulous site...i'm proud to follow u....

  13. Aw, thanks! And it doesn't come on TV where I live either. It stinks, right?

  14. i love WINX CLUB and im 9.So it rocks.I love flora and musa and lala All of them even Roxie. I gest got a ds game and 2 dvds.

  15. Musa is my fave... I called my purple toy what is looking like Pekingese Musa. It fits her a lot ;)

    kiseS from Croatia!
    (P.S. visit my blog about the sims 2 & 3

  16. HELP: So I went to Zeller's to get myself a Winx doll and they only had one! It was shoved behind the Twilight dolls. Unfortunately i was unable to purchase my Stella doll, because someone had opened her and ripped her head off. IS e-bay my best bet?

    1. Probably. Lots of people buy things to sell them on ebay. Be sure to get a good one, though. There are thousands of them.

    2. im guessing i went to ebay today and there were thousands of dolls there were ever trixs dolls so you will find dolls there

  17. @ winx... hey i'm also a girl of india,like you!!..friends? anyways,i have three winx goodie bags,three purses,a sticker album,a colourbox,some stationery,a handfan,etc .i want more,don't u? hey,where do ya live in india?

  18. those questions are OVER THE TOP.seriously,who IN THE WORLD WOULD COLLECT OVER 60 WINX DOLLS?!that means that you aren't their fan.that means that you are OBSESSED with them.

  19. Yep, that's the point, 'nonymous!

  20. @winx... what all winx collectibles do ya have? where are they available in india?

  21. @Anonymous: Haha, I would - and have - purchased exactly 61 Winx Club dolls. ;)

    And that's just the dolls, that doesn't include the 15 pixies (Pixie Kisses, Pixie Flyers, and Pixie Magic Makeover doll), 3 playsets (Alfea College, Magic Wardrobe, and Fairy Cool Lounge), DVDs for all of Season 1,2 and the first half of season 3, the TCG game, all 4 USA Comic Magazines, all the Magical Minis, 10 books (5 chapter books, 1 activity book, and 4 coloring books), a VideoNow disc even though I don't own a VideoNow player, the GBA game, 2 DS games, a computer mouse, a computer webcam, a 2006 calendar...and a binder. I think that's all my Winx Club stuff.

    Seriously, there is not one wall in my entire room that does not have a single Winx item on it somewhere. I have 9 shelves, plus countless drawings I've done, too. Oh, and I keep all the backs from the doll boxes, and some of the complete boxes (mostly for the dolls I've bought from Germany and Italy).

    I am 100% obsessed with Winx Club, and proud of it!!! =D And I'm almost 17...

    1. Awesome! Do you know any sites to buy Winx stuff? I'm a sorta new fan and not very good at it yet.

  22. i want be just like musa

  23. hey phoebe?how are you?ihave become your fan for your work on winx!what stuff do u have?i'm super excited today.yesterday,my mom got me a new winx club sticker album!!!!! @holhez21(holly) i too am obessed with the winx!!even i'm proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. i love winx club.i cantlive without taking a look at them.:D

  25. i want to be Bloom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i really lv this do u think u can post more often i check the website everyday

  27. Sorry, I've been away for awhile!

  28. Hi everyone,
    Well, I'm new to this blog, but I already found it so much better than the other Winx Club blogs I've seen (Shhhh, don't tell the others!), mostly because you actually KEEP UP with it. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm obsessed with Winx Club and although I don't have binders, clothes, etc., I'm going to start buying them because I just got into Winx a few weeks ago, after not being interested since I was about 8. Anyway, yeah, I LOVE the Winx Club and I've been watching the episodes of Season 4 on Youtube (Unfortunately, I'm going at a slow-ish pace because the person uploading it only does 1 or 2 a week, however she's the only one I've found who does it in English, so I wait patiently! :D). Also, I'm super excited for the movie to come out, and also super excited for Season 5. I've already started following this blog, and I'm going to check it everyday from now on!!! :D
    Okey doke, well, that's it! Please post whenever you can, because... like I said, I'm obsessed with the Winx. Thanks soooo much, and yay! So happy to be a part of this awesome blog. :D


    P.S. Can I still add stuff to this page by emailing ? Thanks!

  29. Is the youtube person believeinwinx if it is then i check them every day to mira!!! Anyways
    i dont have any dolls but i dream that i am bloom every day and night!

    P.S. If you havent already noticed i like useing exclamation marks!!!

  30. Hey everyone i live in the uk and cant seem to find any winx club stuff the only place i know that sells it here is ebay and i am to yong to get an account(by the way i am 9)so i was wondering if anyone could tell me were to find some.plz reply quick i am desperate.

  31. @ anonymus
    you can find stuff on ebay,amazon,etc.
    you can find them also in uk,usa,france,italy,germany,holland,turkey and singapore among others.also in india.

  32. i luv luv stella if she was real i would so so meet her and every day i wish i happen to go to the park and find stella and figure out i'am a fairy like bloom in episode 1. I have my own world where i'am a fairy and i'am part of the winx. I evem have a whole novel i started when i was 8 but i started watching it 6 I LUV LUV WINX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. You know you love winx when you have the theme song as your ringtone, and your younger brother has a crush on stella.

  34. i cant even buy winx club stuff!!! But i really wanna get the video games!

  35. I love the winx, but can't get any of the items. and forget my parents knowing anything about winx! when winx started on 4kids, i WAS watching it. then my mom saw 5 seconds of one episode, and said it was bad. i only recently found out the problem. my mom doesn't like things with witches as the good guys, and she thought the winx were the trix and the trix were the winx! i cleared that up immediately! i've had no more problems since she's become a Harry Potter fan!:)

  36. my names laura and 16 years old i love you bloom and roxy.bloom beautiful eyes and roxy long hair and kiss and soma bloom entchantix love and roxy sister flora and frend teckna and my bestfrend musa telos aaaaaa i love you bloom and roxy very roxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. i got new believix and love and pet stickers recently!excited;D

  38. I can sing all the words to all the English Winx Club opening songs...
    and French...
    and Italian...
    currently learning Greek...
    and i know all the English Winx in Concert song words. i sing the Italian words to myself on the bus and nobody has a clue what i'm on about !!!
    ( te he !!! )

  39. I'm trying to teach my self belivie in Itaian got any tips?

  40. I luv the winx gals, especially roxy nd musa. I dont know why CN India stopped showin season 4 on tv!

  41. I absoultly positively LOVE WINX CLUB It's my favorite thing in the whole world!!!! I beg my parents everyday to get a new WINX CLUB thing. It doesn't always work but it works a couple times!!!!!!!!! I'm still shopping online even!!!!!!!! I've known the exzistence of WINX CLUB every since I was I don't know 3 maybe older or younger . . . I don't really know!!!!! But I'm soon turning 10 what some teachers at school call "double-digit-migit's" so now that you know a little bit about me you can see that I'm a little to crazy about WINX CLUB!!!!

  42. for halloween the year before last i dressed up as Darcy I have alot of Wix club drawings on my walls that I drew myself, I can practically recite every single winx club episode by heart (both Rai and 4kids), I know every song out of Winx Club and I can sing them all even a few in italian, I may not have any Winx Club dolls but I do have the entire 1st and 2nd season on DVD and Ive got the 3rd and 4th seasons recorded on VHS tapes from when they were on TV here where I live cause they haven't come out on DVD yet, Ive got all the winx club in concert music videos burnt onto a disc same with the first movie and I'll do the same when the english version of the 2nd movie comes out where I can download it, I write Winx Club fanfics and I love to Role-play as the Winx girls (mostly Bloom cause she's awesome hehe), my YouTube screen name is DragonFirePrincess7 (after Bloom of course the 7 well thats just my lucky number)and finally last year for my birthday I had a Winx Club cake and I had a Bloom and a Tecna candle on it.

  43. You shout to your Latin teacher " I'll stop you you evil witch, you'll never get the dragon fire!!!"
    You pester any relatives that go to italy to get you a doll in any shape or form at all costs!!!
    You have one of the Winx girls as your alter-ego (mine's bloom!)
    You sing it an Italian on your school bus!!!
    If you look in history on you computer, all you see is Winx Winx Winx Winx Winx..

    1. Do u shout it in Latin.... If u do then u get bonus pts

  44. - your Winx world and Reality start to collide when something bad happens*
    - your mum knows all the names
    - your DAD knows all the names of the episodes
    - your BROTHER knows all the names of the enemies AND teachers
    - you hurriedly delete all your favourites when you hear that your 5 BFFs are coming round
    - you crawl around Toy's R Us looking for Amy Winx dolls that might have dropped on the floor and never found
    *this happened to me yesterday when one of the nicest girls in my form left for somewhere (cough*Kent*cough) AND my cousin had her 6th form leaver's device too so my Winx world and reality moved together and I thought that it was a leaver's service at Alfia but then I snapped out of it.

  45. i learned about a month ago that 4kids had altered winx club and i was really mad but now i have a reason to be really glad because right after i learned that i learned that nickelodeon had bought the rights to winx club and will be showing it this summer and be airing season 4 in fall and be airing season 5 in 2012 but i just hope they don't alter it like 4kids did

  46. i did most of the stuff above plus my computers cursor is a picture of bloom

  47. if any body knows where to get winx stuff in the USA please tell me

  48. I am not THAT bad, i collect a few sticker albums of them and set their theme song as my ringtone and i get to memorize some of the songs they have, maybe i should improve!!! :)!

  49. Luv ya Flora!
    I just LUV Winxclub!I started watching it when I was 5, I'm currently 12. I know thats not a big in India. I 've got 5 sticker albums, 2 purses, 1 HUMONGOUS sticker of Bl, Flo,Ste, Nameslips,And lyrics to all songs to winx..........I n my 2 BFs just LUV Winx! I also love to design fairies.............They dont sell much in India, but the sell Winx stickers, lot of 'em.We've just started our collection. We're gonna get more !!

    Every second I'm havn a prob, I think about the winx...and smile.

    Actually, collectibles arent important,only your love to the Winx is ................

  50. Luv Ya Flora!
    - When you see a collectible, you wanna scream in delight!
    - Brood on why you didnt know winx earlier... ( Mammy... Boo Hooooooooooooo)
    - You wanna erupt like a volcano when someone talks pooh 'bout Winx.

  51. Luv Ya Flora!
    Which channel is Winx in now?

  52. wow! i have a petition that could bring the winx back to 4kids! here is the link

    spread the word

  53. You know you love the Winx Club when you watch the moves like a bunch of times, you search for the episodes on youtube, and search for the second movie for MONTHS, I tell you MONTHS. You also see to find out when it comes on Nickelodeon. Which it comes on Nick on June 27, 2011 @ 8/7 central.

  54. I meant the movies not moves. I wanted to say in English too.

  55. i am totally obsessed every time i see winx i would leave what i am doing and just focus on winx
    to bad winx club is not sold in asia no where nada
    i even tried asking a friend who has grandparents if he could get the stuff for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if anyone know where i can buy winx sturr in singapore please tell me

    P.S. visit my winx blog at

  56. Wow! You guys really like winx! I useD to like winx like crazy. But now I'm turning 13 this september and I'm already bored of it :3
    Now I'm watching Disney movies (Hannah Montana(finished), Suite life of Zack and Cody etc..) And I've started wathing Merlin!! I grew bored of winx because-Winx tottaly lost it's mind. i think season 1 was the best, it had magic. To season4 - kissing, love, stupid things came! And always-fairies!!! LOL! I mean, couldnt they keep it like season 1? And even though i have a site. I dont write about winx that much. Just write about magic! :)

  57. Well, when I watched the 1st movie I became obsesed with Winx all over again.

  58. grow up guys!twilight is WAY better than the winx!

    1. Isn't Twilight that strange movie where vampires kill each other and this grumpy girl is in love with one of them?

      You have got to be kidding me if you think that is better than winx

    2. I I agree 100%!

    3. AND WHY WOULD YOU COMPARE WINX TO TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. winx is probably the BEST animated series that i ahve seen by far and thats saying somethig considering i am 16 and i still love it like crazy.

  59. i want 2 b like stella

  60. Keira I don't live in Canada

  61. Hey i am the real inventor of winx and Pheobe your missing one thing: you know you love winx when you can only watch those episodes, wear those clothes, sing those songs, and do things that only have to do with winx.

  62. omg this is sooooo me i'm 17 and i am obsesss with winx ever since i was in the forth grade and when i went to italy this previous spring break and saw winx merchandice every where and i still remember pretending that my barbie dolls were the winx. now i'm thinking about making my own bloom winx out fit for halloween.

  63. p.s i'm working on a winx "catch us if you can" lip sync vedio for my creative writting class.

  64. I do most of that and I'm in middle school! The kids at my school think I'm a little kid cuz of that. Grr. I'm in middle school NOT Pre-K!



  66. Alot of this stuff I do.

    .I often ask myself "what would Bloom do"?
    .I have a pair of fairy wings.
    .I have a secret folder on my computer FULL of Winx stuff! (Well, actually it's not so much a "secret". It's one of the icons on the desktop right where you can see it)
    .I know the lyrics to the songs
    .I have a fan-character
    .I brainwash my friends into loving the show
    .Winx Club is one of my major creative outlets
    .I get up early just to watch Winx
    .I make Winx plays
    .I design Winx outfits
    .I've been a fan ever since I first watched Winx
    .I squeal and jump whenever Winx is on or even a Winx COMMERCIAL
    .I print out pics and posters of Winx and hang them on my wall
    .I randomly sing Winx songs
    .I draw a ton of Winx pictures
    .I fave Winx Club vids on YouTube
    .My usernames usually have "Winx" or "Stella" in them
    .My desktop wallpaper, icons, and cusor are all Winx (Now, how do I make my screen saver Winx?)
    .I wake up and the first thing to cross my mind is Winx related

    Okay, but seriously, how do I get my screensaver to be Winx, as I mentioned before?

  67. hey do we get winx club dvds in india? please let me know thanks..........

  68. OKAY Nevermind found out how to get a Winx screensaver. Just had to download and install one :P

    Stellabigfan who feels too lazy to sign in

  69. i love winx all i ever think about is winx i wish i could change my name to bloom im working on geting all of bloom outfits i evan want to cut and dye my hair so it looks just like blooms

  70. i love stella
    i want to be stella.

  71. is this inspired you knoe you watch too much sailor moon?

  72. I was thinking that, we can do "EVERYTHING" in love with Winx Club, but accept one thing and that's "WORSHIP"! XD L0LX =P

  73. My mom was singging the love and pet song the other day... And did I find that odd? No, I started singing the harmony part with her!! :)

  74. i loved winx soooooo much from when i was little that i went online to see if i could watch all the episodes of winx club...i was soooo happy when i saw it my sister asks me about it a lot sometimes......sorry to ruin it for you winx fans that haven't seen it but i cried when i saw nabu die and all those other really sad parts.

  75. -You love everything Winx and stick to the old version not the Nick.
    -You have an original Italian Bloom doll.
    -You have made a Winx tee with the iron on from the coloring book. (and you are 19)

  76. i love this show!!!!! <3

  77. My fav thing in the world is Winx Club. I've seen every episode and I can't wait until the 1st episode of 5th season. I heard it's coming out next fall!!!

  78. -You watch the seasons over and over again.

  79. Do anyone know how to turn into a winx club fairy?

  80. I <3 winx club. If you were to look at my history you'd find it clogged up with winx on season 4 on youtube since its not on 4kids anymore.

  81. These are some of my ideas:
    - When you go on a site with a WInx Dressup and you make an new transformation. ( Guilty as charged. I made one called Breakix)
    - When you make a slide show of the transformation you made
    - When you teach your baby brother to say "Winx Cwub Wules! "
    - When you have a life-size poster of Bloom hanging on your wall ( creepy )
    - When you get 5 Barbie Dream Town Houses for HALF of your Winx Doll collection.
    - When you get your old Barbie dolls and transform them into Winx dolls when your local Wal-Mart doesn't sell WInx Dolls!! ( hehe. I did that... )
    - When you buy Winx Dolls on ebay for like, $50.
    - When you decorate your glasses with winx club stickers
    - When you get braces the color of Bloom's (or any winx member's ) birthstone.
    - When you day dream of being a Winx member and picture yourself in 2D.
    - When you have Winx comforters, pillows, wallpaper, and even CARPETS.
    - When you wish you lived in Italy
    - When you dress up your Build- A - Bear in a homemade winx costume and take it out on Halloween.
    WINX........ JK

    1. Do you mean Dress Me Up? If so, go to Nick's site, because they have THE best Dress Me Up. It is so updated, in fact, they updated it about a week ago.


  83. Does a Blu-Ray dvd player work with R2 dvds???? PLEASE. TELL. ME.

  84. Fui vestida de flora com a transformação enchantix para um jantar a fantasia, fico toa per. eu amei. =3

    ps: Nossa eu tenho feito muitas dessas coisas, entendo completamente.


  85. Umm yo no entiendo??

  86. please creat a new winx member named Chivas Garcia here's the data

    Name: Chivas Garcia
    Status: Princess
    Power: invisible and rock
    Hair: black
    Eyes: Blue
    Birthday: june 6
    Age: Sixteen
    Color: white
    Friends: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, Roxy
    Best Friend: Stella , bloom ,and kevin
    Romantic Interest: kevin
    Fiance: kevin
    Mother: queen emerald
    Father: king zeus
    Enemies:The Trix, Diaspro, The Fairy Hunters, Darkar, Valtor,
    Likes:alien and her friends
    Strengths:understanding and i can stand on my own

    about Chivas Garcia
    Chivas is abandon child since she's 1 year old her adopted father is a king of alien her father's name is Ozthi Ayni and her mother is a queen of alien her mother's name is Seth Sar.She master her powers since she's 8 year's old and she want to see her real family.her fiance is also prince but prince kevin is not an alien kevin is also a human but kevin is not an abandon child.Kevin decided to stay with Chivas and visited her family trice a week because Kevin know that she need Chivas

    please creat a new winx club member please please

    1. is kevin ur boyfriend ????

    2. Heres my winx club member:

      Name: Astrix Terese
      Status: Princess
      Power: Astrixion (like a hybrid thing. animals and space)
      Hair: Brown with teal tips
      Eyes: Emerald green
      Birthday: October 12
      Age: 14
      Color: light blue/teal
      Friends: Notia(Musa and Riven's daughter), Daphne (Bloom and Sky' daughter, named after blooms sister), Chrysalis (Flora and Helia's 9 year-old daughter), Corra (tecna and timmy's daughter) (Layla never had a daughter because of her loss of her love Nabu)
      Best Friend: Daphne
      Romantic Interest: Aidan Prince of Rykleah
      Mother: Roxy
      Father: Unknown
      Adoptive Mother: Stella
      Adoptive Father: Brandon
      Enemies: Trix III (trix's daughters)
      LIkes: food, stargazing, iceskating, reading, drawing, writing, sleeping, Aidan
      Strengths: writing, powerful magic, drawing, loving

      About Astrix: go to this link

    3. I totally forgot Astrix's planet im an idiot.

      Planet/Kingdom: Tir Nan Og/ earth (birth), Solaria (adoptive), Eraklyon (adoptive), Rykleah (If she marries Aidan)

      the link is to my fan fiction. the book id called Astrix my story and its under the name alexandra mae. just go to the site amd type alexandra mae in the search bar and click my name and go from there.

  87. i had a kitten named he is dead ... a car hit him...poor cat..but i live with his bro named Chiko like Tecnas bird but my fav is Stellaaaaaaa

  88. i want to watch episodes of season 1 who do i watch it???????

  89. hi i live in india.where we dont get winx on tv or any kind of goodies. so i hate this damn place.please someone send me some winx goodies i'll try to pay if its not too costly.and yes!!!! dont forget to write your address on it.i will send it back if i dont like it.i'm watin'. my adress-#2128 sec. 31-b chandigarh. india. asia. thanx

  90. hiya everyone I LOVE winx so does my friend...

  91. im sooo lucky i live in a european country n there is so much winx stuff

  92. Commment me if you really really really love winx club i'm 10 and i keep watching the season over and over plus i got my sis and bro to really love it

  93. -inside you freak your going to the UK in hopes of getting Winx merchandice but you don't because your parents gonna think your a bit too nutty about Winx
    -your willing to see season 5 6 and so on in any language possible even if you don't know what country it's from or what it is
    -sometimes your crazy about the ittiest bittiest bit of future winx stuff in your area and on the show
    -even though your best friend showed it to you and she'd watched way longer than you you're a bigger fan and can drive her nuts enough to make her yell "SHUT UP!" at you
    -you don't care that you get made fun of because you watch a fairy show
    -you would do what Cece said on Shake It Up (poo: p: plead o: only take yes for an answer o: cry if necesarry) just for one Winx bookbag (though I live in NJ, America so no Winx stuff, YET)
    -you would drive you parents crazy for it
    -you go to a room all by yourself jest to jump for joy and do some silent screaming because you found some itty bitty Winx info on the web and you believe it because you trust the website your on or page your on, on the internet
    -you used to get up at 6:30-6:57 to watch Winx on 4Kids (before it was canceled and before it wan on Nick and before you realized you really hate the 4Kids version, opening, enchantix, and first transformation songs)
    -you had Winx stuff


    ha ha just kidding! lol :)=)

  94. Does this apply to guys also ???

  95. - Almost all your spare time is for Winx
    Here's my You Know You Love Winx When list:
    - What time isn't Winx games or watching or fantisizing Winx is trying to prove they exist
    - You hate delays because they cut into precious Winx time
    - You have had at least three Winx dreams.
    - In at least one dream you were a character
    - You often imagine you're a character in Winx
    - You like a few other shows, mostly because they helped you discover Winx
    - You scream when you need to download plugins you CANNOT download for Winx episode access, so you have no online access.
    - You are so desperate to be able to watch them that you scour the Internet for Winx DVDs.

    1. Sorry for the format mistake! I'm sooooooooo sorry!

    2. And I forgot:
      In a dream, you're a character you made up yourself.


  97. Mine has those elements plus :
    - You have scoured the internet for Winx merchandise
    - You freak out when you see a Daphne doll costs $400
    - You pick up whatever chores you have to to get the Winx money you need

    1. How tiring to pick up extra chores!!!

  98. I am the most active Winx fan. Anyone care to hear my about Winx accomplishments?

  99. heh after reading his is go the idea to try ad find wix club mod for GMod (Garry's Mod) but no luck Dx. Would been fun to have Winx vs Combines or zombies xDD

  100. I watch winks so much i even get my brother to help me get some DvDs. My brother and I found the lost kingdom on dvd it was like 30 dollars he bought it for me and i have it in my room yesterday i watched all of season 4 on youtube but some of the parts i had to skip because they were in some sort of other launguage that i could not under stand. my friends thought i was a baby when i told them i watch it IM NOT A BABY IM IN 5TH GRADE. some of my volley ball friends watch it so i dont see a problem

  101. oh ya sorry for spelling

  102. im saving up for a winks costume . its floras enchantics one so when i have the money i go up to my dad and he wont buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive saved up 41.00 and the costume is 33.00 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr he wont buy it and he knows i really want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ask your mom?

    2. my mom agrees with my dad :(

  103. as you can see i use alot of exlimation points

  104. i haz a request if anyone can and be willing to make Winx club mod for Garry's Mod. There already bronies taking over there so need some winx to counter them xD

  105. I love winks club so much i draw them every where i even put them on my christmas wish list

    1. hmm Fairy of Christmas shall grant your wish?

    2. i thought santa gets you the items on your christmas wish list

  106. they should have:
    -You cry when a seasons over and you dont have the next one
    -You start daydreaming about new episodes and how things wouldve been if so-and-so didnt/did do this

  107. Here is my ideas...

    -you scream and cry when you miss a season and it's not going to be on again for a long time*
    -you basically die on the floor when you know how to become a Winx fairy**
    -your iTunes account is filled up ONLY with Winx songs
    -you turn every conversation into a Winx one
    -you have every movie in all the languages
    -you have every Enchantix costume
    -you have all the Winx DSi games***
    -you have all the video games
    -you know every fact about Roxy because she isn't a proper Winx so every time people say Roxy is a stupid addition to the club so you can give a good comeback and you always win****

    *Right now I'm missing season four and I did just that XD
    **Yeah, I know how to become Roxy's Fantasix (see Fan Art Section) when I say 'Winx' to transform back and fourth
    ***I got EVERY single one
    ****I can easily do that

    **Do you want any tips?

  108. hey every one im really exited about the new season but I'm sad because every one is all grown up im watching the season with lord darkar :) :.(

  109. sorry i spelled his name wrong


  111. i <3 the winx club i am trying 2 whach the whole of season 5 but it is not all in english :(

  112. on this website when you first get on there is a link to episodes bloom is on that link and all the episodes are on english

  113. i'm guilty of most of this and i'm making a Winx Club dictionary sorta! it will list EVERYTHING about the Winx Club!

    1. its so annoying when you type winx there's a red line underneath.

  114. I have not watched winks club in a while but im still looking at the episode lists. A couple nights ago i dreamed i was a part of the winks club,and i was trying to save some one but i didnt know who it was!


    2. Sorry I spelled WINXS wrong I Just type Fast. Leave me alone!


    4. who cares if anonymous spelled a freaking word wrong get over it

  115. I really love the Winx and I have this feeling like an empty feeling because I really want to be Stella. Even though I know it would never happen my sister wants to be Bloom and I want my family but Bloom and Stella aren't sisters. All thats on my mind is Winx and I feel empty if im not watching them but I cant watch them all at once because what if I run out of episodes. I was not quite keen on season 4 because of Roxy but I think she came through. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be Stella but she is a cartoon character and I am saddened that I cant be her :'(

  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. Does anyone agree with me?How come Tecna doesn't get a lot of attention?All she is doing is using defense spells,i don't think we've seen her home planet until season 5 and not a lot many episodes have had here saving the day.yes i know when she gets trapped in the omega dimension and does all that stuff but shes not really the main part on many episodes. Don't get me wrong I love the winx a lot but I've really wanted to say this!!!!PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I get you. I agree that all the winks characters should be the main person in at least 1 episode.

    2. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH FOR REPLYING!!!! does anyone else agree?magic winx ;D

    3. hey its the same person. im trying to get fit for a huge pool party i need to lose maybe 2 pounds help! how do i lose 2 pounds. please some one reply. i need to lose it fast

    4. any one agree with me that has to to with winx

  118. you know what. I think that King neptune should be changed back and queen lashaya too. :D

  119. im i the only one who has been 4 the past few posts. someone please reply

  120. Awesome my favorites is in order is
    Bloom, tecna, musa, flora, stella, roxy, Aisha.
    i wish the winx is on until i'm 24 which i'm 13 now.
    i sometimes wish i was bloom she's so awesome if i was sky i would get her anything do anything and love her till we die!
    tecna is awesome at everything to do with technology or math i also love her too
    Musa is an awesome singer and if i was her i would sing till i die and i love her hair style.
    Flora is lovable person she's so sweet and nice maybe too nice when coming to plants. flora is an awesome friend and is the most nicest girl i've ever met, i would love her as a friend or BFF
    stella is awesome i love her sense of style and looks she can sometimes go overboard and be a little rude but we still love her
    Aisha is so beautiful but i feel bad for the winx that she almost went to the dark side i felt sorry for her that nabu died and i think she will grow to be an awesome fairy.
    Roxy is a pet lover so am i she's so stubborn but we all love her
    Sky is an awesome boyfriend i wish he was my boyfriend i would love some one that loves me as he loves bloom
    Brandon is so nice and so loyal he should be my boyfriend
    Timmy knows so much about technology and he love tecna and is so nice
    Riven can sometimes go overboard and does not express his feelings to Musa and he does not have a sense he should be very loving and kind to Musa not weird
    Helia is so nice i somtime think he loves somebody else but i'm always wrong
    Nabu loves Aisha but he sacrifices him self for them to live and thats so nice of he to give up his life for everybody else

  121. idk, but why aren't there many people posting as much now than when this website first came out? please people im getting bored being the only person who constantly checks 4 other peoples posts but find out no one seems 2 care

  122. Hello fellow fairies,
    I've missed the past years of my life. What with going into middle school, moving to new cities, my life has changed. I wish it hadn't though. I first discovered this website 2 years ago. I fell in love with it. Please I urge you to get your friends, their siblings, etc. to watch Winx so the Winx spirit doesn't die. That would be terrible.... Please, I want to see more people posting on this website! If you love Winx, please join with me.


  123. i love winx! together we stand divided we fall! love Astrix (My winx name)