The Blacklist

If you come across someone who has stolen from Winx-Fairies or you think you've been put here by mistake, email Emma at

If you've stolen from Winx-Fairies and have refused to take the content down, here is where we put your URL. Be nice and you won't end up on here. I always give a warning, and a week as a grace period before adding you. With no response, here you land. Formerly known as the hall of shame.

I'm a good jailkeeper, and you get your name off the list for good behavior. "Good behavior" generally involves removing the content. (11/18/11) (11/18/11)


  1. wow that winx club home is a major stealer.hope your website becomes as good as new again!

  2. I went on the websites to see what they stole & it was a lot. I hope that you can fix everything back to the way it was.;)

  3. like stole everythin!! I cant believe someone would do that to someone else!! I hope they learn their lesson real soon.

  4. OMG that is major thief, but honestly I have a blog and I was looking for menu things (ended up making my own) and I saw these ones so maybe she/he didnt come on this blog. (please look at my blog its

  5. you should keep the names up there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think u should keep them up there because like so they dont forget what they did.

  6. these people i just cant believe that they did this! how would they like it if the same thing happened to them!

  7. Hi WOW I looked on the one who took the menu just wow what a mean person but just asking why is the jesswinx one up there I did not see anything the same as this site and trust the i am on the blog 24h a week

  8. whats with the under repair sign

  9. wow u know winx club blogspot stole like everything so mean.But I think ur epsiodes are next bc i check it out and saw it was "under repair" and there is noting on characters too and plus she/he is working on merchandise too.I think she gonna steal some of these.

  10. I don't even think that that blog is active anymore so the user might not be recieving the messages.

  11. hey this all stealing is ridiculus

  12. well that is just a wast of this blog and if a person takes it of and learns there lession then she should take it off.

  13. Victoria the Ultimate Winx FanDecember 29, 2011 at 12:32 PM

    OMG!!! Winx Club home is like a MAJOR STEALER. I knew a character from you menu was missing! They stole Stella!!

  14. please creat a new winx member named Chivas Garcia here's the data

    Name: Chivas Garcia
    Status: Princess
    Power: invisible and rock
    Hair: black
    Eyes: Blue
    Birthday: june 6
    Age: Sixteen
    Color: white
    Friends: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, Roxy
    Best Friend: Stella , bloom ,and kevin
    Romantic Interest: kevin
    Fiance: kevin
    Mother: queen emerald
    Father: king zeus
    Enemies:The Trix, Diaspro, The Fairy Hunters, Darkar, Valtor,
    Likes:alien and her friends
    Strengths:understanding and i can stand on my own

    about Chivas Garcia
    Chivas is abandon child since she's 1 year old her adopted father is a king of alien her father's name is Ozthi Ayni and her mother is a queen of alien her mother's name is Seth Sar.She master her powers since she's 8 year's old and she want to see her real family.her fiance is also prince but prince kevin is not an alien kevin is also a human but kevin is not an abandon child.Kevin decided to stay with Chivas and visited her family trice a week because Kevin know that she need Chivas

    please creat a new winx club member please please

  15. Plz make this character:

    Name: Nieve Homes (Pronounced like this: Kneeve)
    Status: Princess
    Power: Freezing Ice
    Hair: Brown with Pink Highlights
    Eyes: Aqua
    Birthday: October 13
    Age: 16
    Color: Pure Blue/Baby Blue
    Friends: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, Roxy
    Best Friends: Bloom, Roxy And Jake
    Romance Interest: Jake
    Fiance: Earth: Rob Magix: Jake
    Mother: Aneira Ice
    Father: Avalanche Ice
    Adopted Mother: Mary Homes
    Adopted Father: Kevin Homes
    Enemies: The Fairy Hunters, Valtor
    Likes: Pizza, Anything Ice-Like
    Strengths: Knowing People Believe In Her

    About Nieve Homes:
    Nieve Was Abandon when she was 6 months old. She Grew Up With Mary And Kevin Who Cared for Her. When She Was 5 She Went To School And Met Rob And They Grew Up Together. When Nieve Was 13 She was Bob's Boyfriend. At The Age Of 16 She Met The Winx Club. At First She Was Scared But After That She Knew Who They Really Were, THE WINX! While She Was Practacing Her First Spell She Met Valtor And The Wizards Of The Black Circle. Roxy Was About to Get Hurt But then Nieve Saved Her And The Winx Got There: LUCKIX! Valtor Grabbed Nieve And Left. Nieve Used Her Powers And She Got Her: BELEIVIX! She Found Out That She Was Princess And Then Searched For Her Real Mother And Father. She Left Rob And Went To The Magic School For Faries, Alfea. There She Meet The Fairies, Miss Faragonda, The Specailists And Jake. She Forgot About Rob And Fell In Love With Jake. At The End She Finds Her Parents And Lives with Them After She Graduates Though.

    Im A Huge Fan And Please Can Nieve Join? Thank You

  16. the list hasnt gotten longer

  17. What about this character:
    Name: Adriana Diamond
    Powers: Stones and Metals
    Hair: Amethyst Purple
    Eyes: Same Purple
    Birthday: June 16
    Age: Same as the Winx
    Best friends: The Winx
    Mother: Marissa Diamond
    Father: Peter Diamond
    Enemies: The Trix, Diaspro, Darkar, Valtor, The Fairy Hunters, The Ancestral Witches
    Likes: Gems, Gowns, Almost Anything Sparkly, Shiny Metals, Friends
    Strengths: Wits, Powers, Self-belief, belief in others, fighting evil, restoring light

  18. the list isnt getting any longer

  19. it isn't getting bigger maybe you should get rid of the "blacklist"

  20. I'm sorry but this isn't even a blacklist anymore

  21. winx club did steal a lot and the profile photo has been stolen from my website! i made that myself for but that site got deleted and now i hv and a different email address but I still created that photo! :(

  22. season 5 clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(;

  23. upste the home page

  24. Where r the episodes!!!!!!??????

  25. Maybe this character?

    Name:Amaryllis Sparks
    Powers:Make anything appear when she wants it to, Invisibility
    Hair:Blonde with blue streaks
    Eyes: Light Blue
    Birthday: March 3
    Colour: Blue and Pink
    Best Friends:Roxy,Bloom and Musa
    Romantic Intrest:Antonio
    Mother:Esmeralda Sparks
    Father:Brandon Sparks
    Enemies:The Trix,Lord Darker,Valtor,The Anscentral Witches,The Fairy Hunters,The Wizards of the Black circle,Tritanus and Selina
    Likes:Noodles,THE WINX!
    Hates: All her enemies and BRUSSEL SPROUTS!
    Weaknesses:Too much Sunlight,Coldness

    She was in her palace, Andstonion, In her country,SYLARION! Then a huge war broke out When she was 9. Amaryllis and her Couisin,Prince Antonio of Webasind, fought together to beat the TRYLONS. Unfortunetly, Antonio(1 MONTH AND ONE YEAR older than Amaryllis) And Amaryllis, were trapped in an under water cave. Both of them got to know one another better, and once during season 6, Amaryllis sacrificed herself for Antonio by stopping the cave to collapse. Antonio cried a Golden tear and she came back to life! Finally in Season 7, Amaryllis and Antonio escaped the Cave and Antonio joined the Specialists, and Amaryllis joined the Winx. Together they were unstoppable and Antonio had a huge secret he only shared with Helia, Musa and Amaryllis. HE HAD A SWORD CALLED SWORD OF THE SKIES WHICH CONTAINED THE FOLLOWING POWERS: Water,Fire,Earth,Ice and Chaos. Musa promised not to Tell anyone and Helia and Amaryllis did too. Later on, Amaryllis recongized Florra more carefully, and she was actually ANTONIO'S SISTER! THAT MEANT MIELE TOO!

    I have some un-finished business.....