Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This was actually written by Kikurukina:

I am depressed to write this but there has been ongoing hostility in the comments. I am going to note some ground rules along with the ones that Stella/Phoebe has written on the sidebar. Everyone should have read these already but no one seems to be getting the point.


1) You do not have to use your real name when commenting, but it is absolutely forbidden to use the name of another human;whether it be your best friend, sister, or a total stranger. If you find a case of impostures, please contact me.

2) Language used in the comments must be appropriate for all ages. All comments including words and/or phrases that may be offensive in any way will immediately be removed and all other content disregarded.

3) Comments, though helpful ways of expressing opinions, will not be used as a means to communicate with me. To contact me, use my email address: WinxFairies.Site@gmail.com

4) Comments are not to be used as a way to talk to your friends. Please respect other viewers and instead use other instant messaging methods.


1) Comments must stay on topic.

2) You cannot speak for others. I do not care if you are that person's friend in real life--you cannot and must not speak for them. No exceptions on any of the blogs. This is a repeat of Rule 1) from above. I cannot make this any clearer.

3) Everyone has the right to an opinion. It's called freedom of speech.

4) Not everyone will share the same opinion.

5) Be open to diversity of opinions and criticism. If you can't take it, you're welcome to leave. Just press the back button (Backspace) or close the window (Alt+F4).

6) No one is right or wrong unless proven with substantiated evidence.

7) Comments must not encourage hostility. Do not go asking for a war over the internet. It is useless and a waste of your time as well as a waste of ours and other people's time.

If you are incapable of adhering to the these guidelines on any of the blogs and if even one comment steps out of line, you are welcome to leave this blog and never comment on it again. No exceptions.

Lastly, the Winx Club is a fictional universe. There is no point in getting riled up over non-existent characters.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two Days

I'll be off-duty for two day. I will be back sometime on Monday. Yeah, family thing again.

Thanks! Love, Phoebe.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Idea...

I'm considering making this page available for anyone to write on, sound good?

My New HomePage

This page will have site news, rather than posting it on the page for Winx Club news.

Some new changes around here that I'm sure you will have noticed are:
-I have a new menu! Thanks SO much to Kikurukina for making the icons! ABSOLUTELY NO COPYING!!
-I've changed the FanFiction layout... again. I've decided that posting them on the Fan Creations page is much more convenient.